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Danyfan Breakfast MenuWe had our first trial run breakfast service at the weekend, and it was a good job we did.  It was served in the newly roofed conservatory, with views up the mountain and views of the rubble in the corner, half painted walls, piles of wood, glass and a large hole outside.  Our guinea pigs were the Warrys (Jasper, Lou, Bean, Roly and Floss) and my Mum who was visiting to help us get ready for opening.

On the menu was the usual array of cereals, tea, coffee juice etc, home made sourdough bread, with Welsh* breakfast and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as the main cooked options.  The orders contained a good variety of options to test us:

  • 1 Welsh with poached eggs
  • 1 Welsh with scrambled eggs
  • 2 x scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
  • 1 scrambled eggs on toast
  • 1 kid’s full Welsh with boiled egg
  • 1 kid’s full Welsh with scrambled egg, but no mushrooms or tomatoes

It took us an embarrassing 32 mins from the order to service, which looking back on it, I’m not quite sure how it took so long.  We had pre-cooked the sausages, but everything else was made to order hoping to keep it as fresh tasting as possible.  Unfortunately we managed to get the worst of both worlds by freshly cooking it, and then overcooking a few things in the general confusion.

Lessons learnt from this and the feedback from our guests were:

  • Too slow, needs to be 10 mins max for a cooked breakfast,  just enough time to have a first cup of tea and some cereal
  • Portions too big, especially the kid’s portions – 1 rasher and 1 sausage max and offer seconds
  • Some of the bits were cold – bad timing, more practice
  • Crust on the home baked bread too hard – I have been lightly coating the dough in oil as it proves to stop it sticking, might have to change to
  • Butter, preserves etc to be served in their own little pots, ramekins etc
  • Put cereals in kilner jars rather than boxes
  • Keep it simpler, don’t give option of different types of eggs – controversial one, if people want poached instead of fried I think they should have them
  • Ask guests the day before what they want so more prep can be done in advance.  – Very controversial one, to ask or not to ask, that is the question.  Can we ask guests the day before what they want the next day?

A few things to work on.  It was pretty good already, but we want to serve an amazing breakfast not just a good one.

* The main distinguishing factor of a Welsh breakfast is laverbread, which we didn’t have so strictly speaking it wasn’t a Welsh breakfast at all, apart from that it was eaten in Wales.  In case you are interested, laverbread is cooked, pureed, seaweed that is rolled in oats and then fried, delicious.


  1. Seb says:

    All sounds delicious; great to have a dry run and feedback. Some remote feedback/opinions from our reasonably extensive B&B staying experiences…

    Being asked for breakfast orders (and even time) the evening before seems to be becoming more common in our experience. At first it seemed an odd concept, but it does seem to help breakfast a smoother experience, so we no longer baulk at it.

    If you think necessary put a brief explanation of smoother, quicker breakfasts that are more eco-friendly because of less food waste on the order slip or in your room info pack.

    I’m less convinced about the ramekins for jams/sauces, which alsways strikes me as a bit wasteful; for butter I can certain see the necessity – but I really liked the B&B that had dozens of different jams etc. in jars on a shelf that you could choose from (teaspoons were provided).

    Yes, cereals in some sort of sealable jar. However, if you’re providing muesli then also put the box/ingredient list nearby in case of allergies (Jess is allergic to hazlenuts – but not other nuts – and it’s sometimes difficult to tell if they are an ingredient).

    I appreciate the choice of eggs, as I would vary throughout my stay.

  2. a l-p says:

    Sounds delicious!
    I personally would like a choice of eggs ( I actually never eat fried eggs for example). I don’t mind pre-ordering brekkie but Chris hates it! But maybe you could please everyone by messaging that the “pre-ordering of breakfast will speed up your morning, however, if you’re in no rush feel free to order in the morning – it may take a little longer but if you’re in no rush, neither are we.” that makes you sound laid back but efficient?

  3. emmascowan says:

    Hello Seb and Alison – I know what you mean, I don’t mind pre-ordering in principle, but am pretty likely to have changed my mind by the morning. I think we’ll do the ‘if you’re in a rush…’ message – thanks ALison. And Seb – we have acted upon all your comments – so thank you very much. I’m about to do my first solo dummy run on my parents. I’m hoping practice makes perfect. x

  4. Oliver Cowan says:


    All sounds lovely. If you can have some good papers or guide books around the breakfast room I don’t think waiting too long for breakfast is such a problem, but I don’t much like when I have to pre-order (I always feel more virtuous when I pre-order and so end up with food envy the next morning). I’d probably vary egg choice as well through stay, but I’m sure you’ll get it down to a fine art really really quickly.

    How did it go yesterday with the parents?

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