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Danyfan Plans

We want to restore Danyfan to its former glory. It’s been empty for a while and is damp and chilly as a result. It also had quite a lot of refurbishments in the 70s, which are now quite dated. We then plan to open a bed and breakfast, convert the outbuilding into a holiday cottage and to have some sort of accommodation – hopefully a railway carriage if we can find one- in the field.

We want to do it as greenly as possible but are finding that green = expensive. Any interest free loans, grants etc have all been removed as part of the government spending cuts (which gave my bonus redundancy so I suppose I shouldn’t complain).

Alongside this, we’d like to be relatively self-sufficient. I’m going to start the vegetable garden and we’re going to get some chickens.


  1. Seb says:

    It’s a real shame that green = extra expense. I’m particularly interested in what you find in this regard.

    Obviously, I’m sure your aware of the Centre for Alternative Technology up in North Wales http://www.cat.org.uk and Dick Strawbridge from the TV http://newhousefarm.tv they may have links to good resources or advice.

    Good luck

  2. emmascowan says:

    I’ll keep you up to date on the green=dear issue. There do seem to be a few grants around which might help. It’s just upfront costs that seem to be pretty high.

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