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First real guests at Danyfan

Danyfan is now open for business!

We had our first guests this weekend.  They were friends of friends, and the friends camped in the garden.

We did have 2 lots of guests booked in, but one couple – the ones who found us on the internet – didn’t turn up. This was very annoying as we had been up half the night before finishing off the house and ironing their sheets, and then anxiously waited for them to arrive.  However, it has taught us a good lesson that we need to get deposits and more information than just an out-of-service land line.

I think it went well, we tried to squeeze as much constructive criticism out of them as possible which we shall act upon, but there weren’t any major points, and I think they enjoyed it.  And… we enjoyed it too, we went to the cider festival in Abergavenny with them, and had a delicious bbq.

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  1. Peter Tibbitts says:

    Hey Stevie and Emma – so glad to hear the launch went well even though you had some no shows! From the pics it looks like you must have had a very busy week following our visit the weekend before. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

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