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Basins and Biomass

Drove over to near Llanelli this morning after seeing an ad on gumtree. It was an old falling down cottage, up a properly steep hill.  The 4×4 didn’t even make it up it (although I suspect anyone else driving would have got up).  There there were probably 40 or 50 basins, and a load of Belfast sinks.  She must have had some sort of basin-hunting-compulsion.

I bought 3. They look pretty gross now, but I’m hoping they’ll clean up nicely. Alternatively they’ll fall apart/ won’t fit any modern plumbing stuff/ be useless.

Also went for a quick walk along the beach – see the photos.

Have had a quote for the building works, and are just waiting for another before getting going.  And had another scaffold quote from ‘Alli Scaff’ this morning. He’s from the valleys and is less than half the price of the others we’ve had.  He said people from Brecon were often suspicious that his prices were so low.

I’m making slow progress on Florence’s room. Have just about boxed in the pipes and done the fireplace.

Yesterday, someone from Llani Solar came out to talk about the new eco boiler. He reckons we’re unlikely to be able to fit it this winter, so we’ll have to get some more oil for this winter.  There are a couple of grants/ incentives we might be able to get – WEBS http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-7NJG2E , which is for business schemes and might give us 30% of costs, and the RHI (renewable heating incentive) which pays out annually for the lifetime of the boiler, but the details for this haven’t been confirmed.