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Nearly the end of the summer holidays….

This is the first summer holidays that seem like summer holidays because Rosie is in pre-school… so we have sampled some local activities, and here’s a round up….

Checking the sheep
Damning the stream

We had millions of picnics up the hill and lots of walks and damning streams – which is probably the highlight.

Feels like we have spent lots of time at the Mountain Centre – we did a pottery class, and glazed them today.  Rosie did pretty well, George painted himself, the table and almost flooded the place with the water machine.  It has the best coffee, a brilliant outdoor play area, a hill that the children want to run down repeatedly and an indoor play bit, which despite being quite small keeps them entertained for hours.

The library – We went to a pirate craft and activity day, run by Brecknock Museum.  Similar to the pottery, Rosie created a beautifully sequinned pirate cutlass, and George painted himself.

We tried tennis at the leisure centre – which was great, but might leave it a year before trying again.

We have been away quite a bit, so have only managed one of the local summer shows… but there is still time, so we might get to one of the September ones.  We had a great day out at Llanfrynach Sports Day.  The children loved the ball pit, the races, and we loved the pimms and the age -old (?) custom of singing to the chicken to encourage it to poo…

Camping on the Gower – just an hour and a half away. First time camping , as a family but we are already enthusiastically buying more kit for the next trip (this weekend), and hopefully without the amber weather warning this time.

Merthyr pool – half an hour away, and it’s a great one for children as there are 2 kids’ pools, one is about 18 inches deep, and you can walk in, like the beach. There is one in Brecon, but it hasn’t got the very very shallow bit and isn’t so warm.

We’ve also spent hours and hours playing outside. We have barely bought any vegetables this summer as for the first time our vegetable garden has produced more than a token amount of veg. The children quite like helping,and when they get bored they hop on the trampoline / swings / slide.