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Breakfast update – perfect scrambled eggs

Following the breakfast dry run at the weekend, we followed a recommendation by Jasper to check out Bill Granger’s method.  We tried it for breakfast today and it is a fact that it is the best way to cook scrambled folded eggs.  It is definitely more of a folding than a scrambling action and it gives a really nice consistency.  You can check out the recipe yourself, but here it is for your convenience.

  • Mix together 2 eggs, 6tbsp single cream or whole milk (seems quite a lot) and a pinch of salt.  No need to whisk, just mix until they are all combined.  We used 3 eggs for 2 people
  • Heat a non stick frying pan and when hot add a knob of butter
  • When butter is hot, but before it starts to turn brown pour in the eggs
  • Let the eggs sit for 20 s without stirring
  • Stir with a lifting and folding action.  Use a wooden spoon for this, one with a flat top edge is perfect
  • Let it sit for another 10s then stir one last time if needed.  You are after a very softly set consistency, if it is slightly too runny you can take it off the heat and leave it to sit for a bit longer

Cooking time is literally about 1 min, so it is going to be perfect for serving on demand.  No dry, rubbery scrambled eggs in Danyfan.