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Winter is approaching

It’s zero degrees outside and not much warmer inside (until we put the heating on, but for some reason we’ve only got it on for 2 hours per day).  The forecast is for minus 4 tomorrow night in Brecon, and we’re a couple of hundred metres higher.   I’ve taken to wearing 5 layers as standard, always with thermal trousers too.  We’re planning to install proper heating soon, but are trying to work out the most efficient alternative to oil.

The worst thing about it is that we’re going to get a 4×4 after scorning them for several years.   It will be useful as there’s snow forecast next week.

I’m keen to no-dig the vegetable garden before it properly freezes.  I’ve arranged for scaffold planks to be cut to size for the elaborate pattern of beds that I’ve planned.  We also have 200 trees we need to plant.

Veg Garden