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The railway carriage

We now have the railway carriage in our possession. It was delivered on Friday by a massive lorry with a crane arm. Our farmer neighbour Rhys met him at the cross roads with his tractor and trailer, and transferred it.

I followed Rhys up the road on my bike watching the 1.5 tonne carriage sway and begin to lean precariously off one side, fearing for the poor carriage’s life.  We stopped and left it half way up, and Rhys used his other tractor later on to bump it back on and strap it down.  By the time I got back from the auction (not quite as fruitful), it was safe(ish)ly in the field.

It’s still on the trailer. It’s one of those drop back ones, and as the frame of the railway carriage seems to have disintegrated at the bottom, it still has quite an alarming bend in it.

Before we can take it off we need to prepare the base. We spent Saturday on a digger that we’d hired to level it out. And now we’ve just got a few tonnes of scalpings (like hardcore) and earth to move, and then we’ll put the sleepers on it ready for Rhys and his friend Andrew, who has a telehandler, to move the carriage to its new home.  Definitely lucky to have such a neighbour!