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Stevie now has our website up and running – www.danyfan-brecon.co.uk.  We plan to improve the design a wee bit, but think it’s a good start.


  1. Sebastian says:

    Great start – looks nice and clean (until I looked at the code – table layout! ?! 🙁 🙂

    Only problem I found was the text on the right hand side is being chopped off on the food page.

    I’d like more photos/details of the rooms. Are you going to have peak/off-peak pricing? No credit-cards may be a problem for some – PayPal/Google Checkout may be a basic option. What about the room booking sites?

    Sure you’ve go this all under control. All the very best, will try and find a time to come stay, possibly autumn.

    Well done for getting this far in such efficient time. Good luck with your opening!

    *Hugs* Seb

  2. emmascowan says:

    Hello Seb Thank you! I’ll chat to Stevie about table layout… And I’ll have a look at the food text. We’re definitely going to put up photos of the rooms, but they’re not quite finished! I just finished painting the last bedroom and the carpets of 2 of the rooms went down to day and the final one tomorrow, and then I’ll take loads of photos! They won’t be as good as the ones that are up there as professional Rich took them, but hopefully they’ll give a flavour. And you’re right about payment options – we were thinking of paypal, but I’ll have a look at google checkout too. We could get a credit card machine too, but it’s quite dear and I wanted to get up and running first. And I’ll have a look at room booking sites. Very useful comments – thank you – if you have any more, send them over! Brilliant – looking forward to seeing you in autumn. x

  3. Gill says:

    Just had a look at your site – Danyfan looks aaaaamazing! Can’t believe how beautiful you’ve made it, it looks totally gorgeous and I love the site (and the fact that you do Eggs Benedict!)! Huge congrats! xx

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