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What type of orchids are these?

We’ve had an afternoon of gardening, inspired by Fiona and Nigel who came to stay last night. They know their gardens and gave us lots of  good advice.  They found an orchid in the orchard, and then later today, Stevie found a couple more. Here are some photos, I’ve tried to work out what kind they are, but am struggling.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Are all the leaves narrow and spotty. If so think it must be broad leaved marsh orchid, or southern Marsh orchid, or common spotted orchid though latter seems to have leaves further up the stem as well as at the base. There is one called the Military Orchid with wider leavs and the eraly purple orchid is another possibility. As you can see I came straight home jto my wild flower book – hope this helps. Proper email to follow after our sumptious night chez Danyfan! Such a comfy bed. LOLF

  2. emmascowan says:

    Hello – I put the photos on the UK Orchid Forum too, and someone else thought they might be the Southern Marsh Orchid, so I think we should maybe stick with that. The Military one’s quite rare I think isn’t it. The leaves are quite thin I think (Although not sure what to compare them to!).
    See you soon. Emma x

  3. Roland Walker says:

    Granny says its a Heleoptis Brunei and aunt says its Vipers Bugloss, a noxious weed in Australia……. xxxx

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